Fort Wayne musician Mark Linehan makes music connected to emotion and experience. 

A multi-instrumentalist that plays 12-string guitar, flute, and cello, Linehan writes intimate songs about love, faith, and redemption in an almost baroque pop quality. It’s bedroom classical that emanates a light and life that you can feel in the songs.

When Linehan isn’t playing dinners, wine tastings, weddings, art shows, and special events, he’s writing and recording songs on his own. On his latest EP, Songs Everyone Will Hear, he gives us seven beautifully constructed light classical/baroque pop songs that run the gamut from folksy tracks and earthy pop tunes that will put a smile on the face of the most curmudgeon of listeners.

Songs Everyone Will Hear doesn’t waste time with excess or extended cuts. Linehan may be classically trained but knows the value of grabbing the listener’s attention. The songs are tight and wonderfully to the point. “My Fine Day” opens with an almost Blind Faith feel, with a “Can’t Find My Way Home” vibe. Linehan sings in harmonies quite nicely, building a perfectly content and warm mood. “What You Do” builds on ’80s pop configurations, touches of the Heartbreakers, The Hooters, and Adrian Belew’s underrated power pop band The Bears.

Elsewhere, “Stories” brings to mind solo Lindsey Buckingham with interesting production and vocal ideas. I’m also reminded of underground experimental musician Carl Weingarten and his early ’80s band Delay Tactics. Linehan’s writing chops are just left of center, giving the music here an interesting art rock lean. “Round and Round” sadly isn’t an acoustic cover of ’80s hair metal band Ratt, but despite that it’s an engaging and jangly track. Album closer “American Eagle” is a gorgeous, finger-picked guitar track that emanates a kind of woozy positivity.

Linehan’s Songs Everyone Will Hear is a wonderfully eclectic collection of 12-string-led tracks that put a spotlight on the songwriter and his wonderfully eccentric song world.