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Discover local artists & bands while staying at home

We are currently curating a growing playlist of local artists and bands on Spotify. We'll be updating it often as local artists submit their best tracks to us. Have a track on Spotify you'd like to submit? Submit it to us via email at info@whatzup.com.

Local Carryout & Delivery

COVID-19 has forced the temporary closure of dine-in services. Some of these companies are offering safe and convenient take-out service. Let’s support our local businesses, while treating ourselves to delicious treats.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we encourage our readers to confirm with the venue about any event they plan to attend.

Playing music for your online fans?

If your band has reacted to the COVID-19 situation by scheduling a livestream event, please submit your streams to our new Livestreams calendar.

What there is to do in Fort Wayne and beyond.

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