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    H. Stanley Liddell Award

    Whatzup presents the H. Stanley Liddell Award to individuals who have made a uniquely significant contribution to the arts and culture of Fort Wayne and surrounding communities.

The award is named for Stan Liddell, the founder of Piere’s entertainment center and first recipient of the award (then simply called “Special Achievement Award” in 2001). Liddell passed away in February 2013; here is what Whatzup said of him at the time:

“Were it not for Stan Liddell, there would be no Whatzup. It’s as simple as that. This publication would never have survived past its second year had not Stan Liddell seen its potential to impact the arts and entertainment in Fort Wayne and made it a significant part of Piere’s marketing strategy. For nearly 16 years, Piere’s Entertainment Center occupied the back page of this publication, and that advertising investment was critical to Whatzup’s continued success over the years. In all of our dealings with Stan, we found him to be a man of generosity, fairness, honesty, kindness and vision, a man whose word was as solid as rock. H. Stanley Liddell passed away at the age of 78 on Monday, February 4, 2013. He will be sorely missed, not only by us at Whatzup, but by the Fort Wayne area’s arts community, a community upon whom his influence, though usually quiet and behind the scenes, was enormous and lasting.”


  • Access Fort Wayne manager Norm Compton has received the H. Stanley Liddell Award.

    Norm Compton

    Driving force behind Rock the Plaza, Access Fort Wayne


  • Alicia Pyle

    Owner and teacher PyleStyle Events and PyleStyle Academy
  • Ed King

    Former North Side High School band director; Founder of The New Millennium Jazz Orchestra
  • Gregg Coyle

    Executive director, The Clyde Theatre


  • Derek Reeves

    Principal Violist, Fort Wayne Philharmonic
  • Jody Hemphill Smith

    Co-Owner, Castle Gallery


  • Christopher Guerin

  • Leslie Hormann

  • Mark Minnick


  • Doug Driscoll

    Founder, Whatzup



  • Lillian Embick


  • Dorothy Kittaka

  • Guy Zimmerman

  • Liz Monnier


  • Bob Roets

  • Julia Meek


  • Harvey Cocks


  • Brad Etter


  • Matt Kelley


  • Chuck Surack


  • Richard Reprogle


  • Rick “Doc” West


  • H. Stanley Liddell

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