Things to Do in Fort Wayne and Beyond

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Tammy Robertson

  As a teacher with Fort Wayne Community Schools, Tammy Robertson spent most of her days reading to children and helping them build friendships while...

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Deborah Kennedy

Weird stuff happens in writer Deborah E. Kennedy’s fictional world. In the case of her compelling debut novel, Tornado Weather, that weird stuff...

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Tornado Warning

Tornado Weather by Deborah E. Kennedy, Flatiron Books, 2017 Colliersville, Indiana is desperately in need of a renaissance. The small town...

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The Writing Fireman

In his teens, Mark R. Hunter dreamed of becoming a full-time firefighter and a bestselling author. “By the time I was a sophomore in high school,...

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Michael Willhelm

For those who didn’t grow up in Northeast Indiana – and perhaps even for those who did – it’s easy to miss some of the local legends, the...

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Mark Paul Smith

Area attorney, musician, art gallery owner and author Mark Paul Smith said he wrote the first draft of his latest book, Honey and Leonard, in the mid-90s...

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David Frincke

Dave Frincke was on his treadmill when an idea came to him, seemingly out of the blue. “That’s how all good stories start, right?” he joked in a recent...

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Lynn Fuston

Several months ago Lynn Fuston found himself at a crossroads. Should he continue his work as a Nashville sound engineer, or should he instead change...

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Anna Lee Huber

Anna Lee Huber thought for many years she wanted to be a singer. A native of Hicksville, Ohio, she grew up dreaming rock star dreams, and in college...

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George Kalamaras

There’s a bit of mystique about the art of poetry, with some finding it slightly uncomfortable to attempt or difficult to define. Must it rhyme? Should...

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