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Things to Do in Fort Wayne and Beyond
Mark Hunter

Mark Hunter

Whatzup Features Writer


Doug Driscoll

It was quiet at the Shriner Lake home of Anita and Doug Driscoll the afternoon I arrived to talk to Doug about something he didn’t want to talk about: his […]

Bluegrass Keeps Growing

If it’s Labor Day weekend, it must be time for some serious pickin’, with acoustic string instruments, campsites, lawn chairs, and lots and lots of good vibes. That’s right. It’s […]

Skies I’ve Learned How To Love

When local band elle/the Remnant released Skies I’ve Learned How to Love in January 2018, it must have seemed like a long time coming. In 2014, the six-piece band had […]

Inspiration from Isolation

Hicksville, Ohio, seems an unlikely place for a pair of musicians to have formed a bond, or for that matter, a band. But that’s where Hilary Armstrong and Ellen Coplin […]

A Taste of Arab Music & Culture

The 4th annual Arab Fest kicks off the summer festival season with a lineup of world-renowned performers, great food, shopping and, of course, camel rides. The celebration of Arab culture […]

A Finger Pickin’ Weekend

The mission of the Northern Indiana Bluegrass Association is simple: to introduce and promote bluegrass music to as many people as possible at as low a cost as possible. That […]

Phil Schurger / Echos of the Ancestors

It’s often said that musicians spend their whole lives working on their debut albums. As a result, first records frequently set a high standard for an artist. Both apply to […]

Gregory Stieber

When it comes to being busy this time of year, Santa and his elves have nothing on Gregory Stieber. As production manager of The Fort Wayne Ballet’s annual production of […]

Betty Fishman

The first thing I see when I arrive at Betty Fishman’s condominium off Covington Road is a 5-foot diameter disc of what looks like concrete hanging on an outside wall […]