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Mark Hunter

Whatzup Features Writer

Published August 14, 2008

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The casual observer would be hard-pressed to determine the specific demographic targeted by the band Brother, especially if that informant were limited in criteria to hairstyles present at Martin’s in Garrett on a recent Friday night. There were long hairs, short hairs, no hairs, gray hairs and bald spots ringed with graying bunting; there were ponytails, Shetland ponytails, a Mohawk and a variety of mullets; there was nappy hair, curly hair, straight hair, shaggy hair, messy hair, neat hair, biker hair, nerd hair. And that was just the guys. It was a Halloween party of hair. But it was the owners of the hair on stage everyone had come to see.

Mark Magdich, Mike Magdich (identical twin brothers), Michael Campbell and Chris Biciste attract a wide sweep of people through cover versions of songs from bands best described as mostly pre-grunge, post-Beatles, hair-guitar-hook-rock. A partial list of bands covered by Brother includes AC/DC, Foreigner, Dokken, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Journey, Ozzy, Aerosmith, M

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