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Cajun spot is a real catch, I guarantee

Also, Georgetown Bandidos on way out, corned beef returns, teds gets spooky

You'll get your fill of seafood at Wild Crab Cajun Seafood.

Dean Jackson

Whatzup Features Writer

Published October 19, 2022

This one was a setup, of sorts. My oft quoted 13-year-old is a tough customer, and seafood isn’t her jam. I told her we were going to a seafood place, specifically, Wild Crab Cajun Seafood, 6228 W. Jefferson Blvd., and she didn’t hesitate.

My objective was to get an honest reaction to a food she’s not actively invested in eating. Plus, kids have no reason to fib.

The restaurant at the spot that once housed Scotty’s Brewhouse and Buckets has a fun undersea motif of underwater creatures like sharks and mammoth crabs and lobsters creepin’ about.

The 200-inch TV in the main dining room garners consideration as an entertainment option. The full bar is just a few feet away with no bluster or self-promotion. 

The tables and booths are big, keeping your crew from being cramped. The disposable table paper covering told me they were serious about food and prepared for a mess.

Back to the food, I told my daughter they had a number of items like chicken or po’ boy sandwiches to choose from. She didn’t need to feel pushed to lobster, crab, or scrimp.

She went outside her comfort zone and jumped at the chance to get snow crab and scallops, which are part of their signature seafood boils. She mixed a half-pound of scallops and a portion of crab. She covered it with medium sauce. 

I got the more conservative catfish basket with cajun fries, which manager Ranee Zieder says are a mythical love child of Rally’s and Arby’s fries. They have just enough zest to put my mouth on alert.

We enjoyed hush puppies with the butter garlic sauce before the cajun boil show began. The exterior was just crunchy enough to catch my attention and soft, moist, and chewy.

Cajun boil seaford is prepared in the kitchen and finished off with the seasoning and spice of your choice in a bag. If Jiffy Pop offered seafood, it would probably be like this.

I’m not sure it’s meant to be a table-side show, but we couldn’t help being mesmerized by the spectacle laid before use. 

Our server, Ge, a native of Bali, was as much a master at preparing the dish as he was patient and nurturing at harvesting the sweet from the shell. 

The few bites of scallops and crab were sweet and tempting. Just then my daughter reports back, “I don’t like seafood, but this is great.”

The catfish was pleasing to me. It was tender with mild, thick flanks of fish. It wasn’t lost in a layer of batter. The fish was flavorful enough to sell itself.

Not to lose the opportunity, we grabbed dessert. Diving into the white chocolate raspberry cheesecake was a wonderful jolt to the system. 

The soft graham cracker crust was as delicious as it was unique. It’s hard to go wrong with cheesecake in general, and as expected they delivered with creamy, flavorful perfection. 

Oh, yeah, the setup. I was asked when we could go back. She commented if the Snow Crab is this good, she couldn’t wait to try the massive King Crab legs.

Adios, Georgetown Bandidos 

Popular Mexican restaurant Bandidos will close its Georgetown Square location Oct. 27. 

The company says they will reopen the store as a Guadalupe’s in early 2023. 

Bandidos has two other locations at 4122 Lima Road and 7510 Winchester Road. The company operates one Guadalupe’s at 10345 Illinois Road.

Oh my, corned beef on rye

The Congregation Achduth Vesholom’s 20th Corned Beef on Rye celebration is Nov. 3 from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. at the Temple, 5200 Old Mill Road. 

The meal includes corned beef deli sandwich, cole slaw, a giant dill pickle, brownie, and drink. 

Boxed meals are $15 before ordered by Oct. 21, and $18 the day. To order, go to

Spooky Fun at teds beerball

Never one to miss the mood of the season, teds beer­hall is hosting its very first PumpkinFest on Oct. 29 from 1-10 p.m. 

There’s a pumpkin-pie eating contest, pumpkin-smashing fun, fall craft beers, cider, and candy. 

The Royville restaurant said they will offer more details on their Facebook page.


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