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Ohio rockers Dazed get shot to shine in Spotlight

Defiance punk rockers making name for selves at shows, on airwaves

Dazed is latest band to be in the ALT Spotlight.

Published October 19, 2022

The latest entry into the ALT Spotlight might Dazed, but they aren’t confused.

The Defiance, Ohio, based quartet of singer/guitarist Dallas Andrist, drummer Dakota Swift, lead guitarist Christian Morgan, and bassist Landon Dockery have been getting their name out there. The band can be seen Friday, Oct. 21, opening for Wheatus at Piere’s along with Fat Tony, Basketcase, and 1947 California Cupcake Company.

“We’ve just been performing, and actually working on some new songs to keep the shows fresh,” Andrist said in an interview with Whatzup, mentioning they’re also opening for Cannibal Apocalypse along with Creep and Grave Robber on Friday, Oct. 28, at Piere’s.

Getting time in studio

Along becoming a Piere’s fixture, the band that Andrist describes as “straight up ’90s punk or early 2000s emo punk” also had the opportunity to play at Huber Opera House in Hicksville.

“I know that The Ramones and Joan Jett played there way back in the day, and that was one of the first live music events they had had there in a very long time,” he said. “It was awesome.”

After seeing friends like Jonah Leatherman and Creep getting into the ALT Spotlight, Andrist sent DJ Zack Skyler a couple songs from Dazed’s album Back Burner, released in June.

Recorded at Roman River Studios in Ohio, the nine-song, 23-minute record is a throwback album with a raw sound, which was the goal.

“(Tim Vargo of Roman River) actually recorded my dad’s band back in 2004, and we went out there to record,” Andrist said. “It was a pretty fun process. He’s got a bunch of old-style recording stuff, so it was pretty raw sounding.”

And then there were four

Getting to the recording process was a process in itself for Dazed.

“Landon and I started hanging out after school one day and began jamming, then found out about Dakota,” Andrist said about the formation of the band. “Then we started jamming, playing cover songs, and writing stuff, then it just kind of took off from there. 

“We started off as a three-piece with me, Landon, and Dakota, and had a first show (Nov. 13, 2020, with Guy Zensei, Herbwurm, Namen Namen, and Incas) at The Vibes Venue, which was pretty cool for a first show,” Andrist said. “It was pretty packed out there.”

Now with Dockery in the fold, the band plans to continue their ascent.

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