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Michael "Myke D" Deaton

Michael “Myke D” Deaton

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Behold the Kingdom / Eyes

Christian Rock. The two words together bring to mind the sweet, loving melodies of a nice, mellow contemporary artist, or the butt-rock images of Stryper from the 1980s. Hailing from […]

Peter Nite and The Allstar Band / Roc Therapy

A thorough search online for a bit of background on Peter Nite & The All Star Band turned up nothing. No Facebook. Not even a Myspace page. So, I have […]

Simon Peter Band / Two Thousand Eleven EP

To theology majors the name Simon Peter brings to mind the fisherman disciple who cut off the ear of a high priest’s servant and denied Christ three times before the […]

Dromemord / Roar

If you’re looking for a CD with lots of catchy hooks and choruses, guitar solos, or other pretty things, Roar by Dromemord, the beast created by a singular local musician […]

Elephants in Mud / How the Hell Are You?

After a lot of teasing and much anticipation, Jared Andrews, Lynn Nicholson and Jon Swain, a.k.a. Elephants in Mud, have finally hit the studio and given their fans what they’ve […]

John Minton / The Hills Are in Bloom

I have a very long and extensive love for metal, so when I first popped in The Hills Are in Bloom, the CD from Indiana University professor John Minton, I […]

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