A thorough search online for a bit of background on Peter Nite & The All Star Band turned up nothing. No Facebook. Not even a Myspace page. So, I have zero background on this band. That’s not good for PR, nor does it make my job any easier. The CD, Roc Therapy, is a 10-track disc that was recorded locally by Tom Tempel at Tempel Recording Studio in Fort Wayne. While the sound is decent, the mix is actually kind of lacking in a few areas. For example, the bass is almost nonexistent on most of the songs, and the whole disc seems to have been recorded with fewer than 10 channels. Whether this was intentional, I have no clue, but the disc has a very simple feel – almost like an old 8-track Fostex recorded in the basement. The sound of the vocals seem to clash with the instruments. I’ve heard much better products come out of Camp Tempel in the past.

The songs themselves are pretty much your basic let’s-all-party-and-get-wasted types, not necessarily a bad thing. Examples of the lyrical content include, “We’re gonna rock you tonight” on “In The End,” which has a really tasteful guitar solo by the amazing Jason Cannon. 

Another fun song is “Martian Blues” – very reminiscent of “Martian Boogie” by Brownville Station. 

Most of the tracks on Roc Therapy will leave listeners feeling that they are back in the 1950’s. Peter Nite & The All Star Band are obviously influenced by some of the old school rock n’ roll artists mixed with guitar sweeps.

The musicianship on Roc Therapy is really good. The vocals, guitar and drums are all very solid, and you can tell these guys aren’t exactly amateurs on their respective instruments. Roc Therapy is one of those feel-good CDs that would fit right in with any good-sized keg party, so grab a copy and a red plastic cup.