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Mia Vrablic

Michele DeVinney

Whatzup Features Writer

Published March 7, 2021

Mia Vrablic, 15, came to music through singing, but she also learned to play guitar, which has helped her become a songwriter. She’s come a long way since she took her first steps toward performance.

“I participated in one of my school’s musicals on a whim and fell in love with performing,” Vrablic said. “I didn’t have any training. I just knew I liked to sing. That was about five years ago. I started taking voice lessons shortly after that for four years, and I definitely think that helped expand my knowledge of singing. But later on I realized I wanted to accomplish more.”

As she continued to learn through her schooling and lessons, Vrablic found a teacher who provided another  facet for her talents.

“When I entered high school, I joined my high school’s show choir,” she said. “In that class my teacher, Jaime Macklin, gave us music theory books. I have learned so much through her exercises, her teachings, and those frustrating theory books. Later on I took songwriting lessons to expand my knowledge even more. I took those lessons with Marnée August. She taught me so much and I really appreciate those classes because they helped me discover me.”

Although her journey seems headed toward that of a singer/songwriter, Vrablic has enjoyed her opportunities to work with others.

“I think my biggest ambition right now is to write songs for all different genres and people. I hope in the future I can sing and perform my own songs to maybe inspire people to follow their dreams or to help people that need an escape from their everyday lives.”


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