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Article Tag: 2021 20 Under 20 Honoree

Layla Mulks

Layla Mulks, 15, first became involved in music while attending Riverdale Elementary School in Dekalb County when the school’s music director, Adam...

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Liam Campbell-Carpenter

Liam Campbell-Carpenter, 15, began playing piano when he was just six years old. His parents thought it would be a good introduction to music, but Campbell-Carpenter...

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Aden Carson

Aden Carson, 18, came to his craft through family. He began on one instrument but was influenced by other musical relatives to take a different path. “There...

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Mia Vrablic

Mia Vrablic, 15, came to music through singing, but she also learned to play guitar, which has helped her become a songwriter. She’s come a long way...

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Ben Finkel

Ben Finkel, 16, first began playing the piano in kindergarten. He has no idea what drew him to the instrument, but being very young when he began, he...

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Natalie Linnemeier

Natalie Linnemeier, 16, came to singing and music from a somewhat different angle than some.  Rather than picking up music from a family member or a...

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Chali Moss

Chali Moss, 17, has always enjoyed singing and was told by her mother that she was singing before she was talking. But the moment her skills were best...

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Sam Trowbridge

Sam Trowbridge, 17, had been dabbling in music for years, first on the piano and then on the saxophone. But when his uncle gave him a guitar, the young...

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Colin Haines

Colin Haines, 17, is unlike his musical peers who were born to a life of music. But that changed when he was introduced to a famous musical family. “I...

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Takoda N. Collins

Takoda N. Collins, 17, started out on the trumpet but begged for an alto saxophone. He did receive one, but he eventually realized that he wanted to...

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