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Liam Campbell-Carpenter

Michele DeVinney

Whatzup Features Writer

Published March 7, 2021

Liam Campbell-Carpenter, 15, began playing piano when he was just six years old. His parents thought it would be a good introduction to music, but Campbell-Carpenter took the opportunity and ran with it. 

Today he attends North Side High School where he is involved in marching band, concert band, the top jazz band Wildsiders, and the North Side Combo. In addition to that full schedule, he continues to study independently.

“I first began studying music privately with Patricia Burlage,” he said, “and I currently study with Ali Dencklau for classical-based lessons and Dave Latchaw for jazz-based lessons. In addition to my music instruction, I have spent a lot of time lately writing and arranging music for my lessons and for a variety of musical ensembles.”

Campbell-Carpenter plans to play professionally and looks forward to collaborating with other musicians. That joy of working with others is why he has enjoyed playing festivals over the years.

“I would say that my favorite memories of playing music have come from various jazz season events over the years such as Ball State or Bloomington’s festivals. At these events, you are constantly surrounded by great music and great musicians. It is a lot of fun to celebrate your own and other people’s hard work and learn from people who have conquered the music world. Many of these out-of-town events were canceled this year due to the situation that we find ourselves in, but I hope to create many more fond memories of these events in the future.”


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