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Published June 27, 2019

Heads Up! This article is 3 years old.

The mission of Whatzup is to connect everyone in Fort Wayne and beyond with great events, from music to art to stage and dance. But how can local musicians find their own future fans among our substantial readership?

We at Whatzup are here to help!

The first step is obvious: Musicians should always list their shows in our calendars. It’s easy and free; just go to on our website.

But that’s just the first step. Whatzup also offers a free high-powered promotional tool for any band in our Fort Wayne-centered circulation area, from Angola to Van Wert to Decatur to Wabash to Warsaw.

Our rebuilt band pages

Our new website also features newly redesigned local music pages that are loaded with tools and are much more intuitive.

Any local band or performer can sign up for a free page on our website which they can control, filling it with music, videos, photos, links, and all the juicy details a potential fan would want.

Bands can also add posts to their pages with news for their fans. Additionally, all band events that are in our Whatzup calendars will automatically appear on the band page.

Our pages have a serious advantage for local musicians because Whatzup pages focus on local acts. Thus, all of the bands listed at are truly bands that live right here in Northeast Indiana. Plus, we don’t favor any set artist or band. Our Local Music page bubbles up whatever is new and popular.

Let’s step through our features:


Every band can upload a cover photo and profile photo, just like on any social media site.

But that’s not all. The band can upload all the concert and promo photos they’d like right from the dashboard.


A great way to find new fans is to let them hear your style of music from the comfort of their own phones. Bands can simply upload MP3s of their songs and they will be displayed in an easy-to-use music player right on your page.


Even better, if your band has recorded any videos, you can add YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook video links right from the dashboard. The videos are embedded on your page.

Band members and booking

Bands can also list every band member and instrument, plus contact info so a venue can book your band.

Web and social media links

Of course, this is the internet, so we make it easy to add links for social media pages, audio streaming services such as SoundCloud and Spotify, and download services such as iTunes and Google Play.

Your URL

Each band also gets to choose its own understandable URL for your page. The format is always

Here’s a great example

One local band that is taking advantage of everything we offer is rock band Horizon Arcs at Whenever they book a local show, visitors to our online calendar find a link to this band page, which lets the visitor hear some music, watch some videos, and find the band’s website and social media pages.

We hope all of the great bands in Northeast Indiana sign up and use our Local Music pages to help publicize their bands and their music.

How To set up your band page

Exclusively for bands and performers within Whatzup’s distribution area.


Complete the form, making sure to read and agree to the privacy policy.

After watching the introductory tour, you can start uploading:

• Profile photo

• Cover photo

• Booking information

• Band members

• Web and social media links

• Music, videos, and photos

• Posts and calendar listings

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