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The Claudettes

Chris Hupe

Chris Hupe

Whatzup Features Writer

Published November 8, 2018

No Depression calls The Claudettes “the B-movies of the music world—maybe not understood now, but in the future, the kings and queens of the universe.” Without a doubt, The Claudettes are one of those bands that are nearly impossible to classify. They’ve been described as rockabilly, punk, a “skewed cabaret of blues and jazz,” “a revelatory blend of jazz and blues, stirred with punk brio,” and compared to “Keith Moon chasing a crazed, punked-up Little Richard with greasy rhythm and blues that makes the dance floor so slippery you need to sprinkle the floor with sawdust to keep from falling down.”

A four-piece hailing from Chicago and featuring pianist Johnny Iguana, who is also a member of the Grammy nominated Chicago Blues-A Living History and the Muddy Waters 100 Band, The Claudettes need to be experienced live if you want to attempt to make some sense of where they fit into the existing music landscape, and they dare you to try. Your chance comes when the band stops by The Brass Rail November 17 with openers Adam Baker & The Heartache.

Be careful though, you might just come out of that show spewing alliteration like Louder Than War did when they described The Claudettes as a “magnificent mélange of masterful musicianship and multifarious melodies.” Enough said.


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