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Fort Wayne Historic and Haunted Walking Tours

Chris Hupe

Whatzup Features Writer

Published August 25, 2021

ARCH Inc., the Fort Wayne area’s historic preservation organization, is adding a special treat to its August series of historic and haunted walking tours. 

A bonus tour, “Ride with the Spirits: Haunted West Central,” held in partnership with Sentimental Journey horse-drawn carriage rides, will take place on Tuesday, Aug. 31. 

Four tours, serving up to eight people per tour, will be held every hour on the hour from 6-9 p.m., taking passengers on a journey through the spookiest parts of one of the most historic neighborhoods in Fort Wayne. 

An ARCH guide will help navigate you through the neighborhood telling some of the best ghost stories Fort Wayne has to offer. One of the most popular spots on the tour is the Thieme Overlook, where you can see the Main Street Bridge, the location of the first sighting of “The Lady in White” many years ago. She has since been seen in West Central and may make an appearance during your expedition. 

The tour also tells of the history of graverobbing in the area, from the late 1800s until 1912, when it was not uncommon to see graverobbers transporting stolen bodies along the streets of West Central, until it finally became legal to donate bodies for medical research. 

Other upcoming ARCH tours include “Haunted Wells Street” on Aug. 26, “A Stroll Along West Rudisill” on Aug. 28, “Built Heritage of West Central,” featuring a deep dive into styles and more stories of the neighborhoods on Sept. 2, and “Welcome to Williams Woodland,” featuring tree-lined streets and historic homes on Sept. 9. 

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