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Brandon Jordan

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Published August 1, 2019

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Florist is a synth/pop/folk band from Brooklyn that is creating a buzz off the strength of their newest album, Emily Alone, released last week. They appear at The B-Side at One Lucky Guitar on August 10.

Born out of a common love of music among friends, Florist is the perfect fit for an intimate venue like The B-Side with its stellar sound and up-close and personal viewing experience. At the center of Florist’s music is the deeply personal and often inciteful lyrics of front woman, Emily Sprague. The band complements Sprague’s lyrics in just the right way, caregully navigating the terrain so as not to step on any of Sprague’s delicate melodies.

The timeless quality of their music is what sets the band apart from others in their genre and has helped Florist gain the attention of Sterogum, who named them one of the “50 Best New Bands of 2015.” Pitchfork says of Florist, “Sprague’s reverence for the natural world recalls Phil Elverum’s work under the Microphones moniker and owes a debt to early Bright Eyes.”

While the band will play some highlights from their past works, the focus of the night will be Emily Alone, a collection of songs made by Sprague during a time of great isolation. An attempt to capture the dark spaces between change and capture their beauty, Emily Alone accentuates Sprague’s songwriting and ability to make the mundane somehow seem extraordinary. It’s the backbone of the album, a deep dive into the dark void of the mind. Sound exciting? It really is. Florist are a band that need to be seen and heard live to fully appreciate what they do.

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