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Dog Days of Winter

Chris Hupe

Whatzup Features Writer

Published January 9, 2020

It’s January and we are now fully engaged in the New Year, but that also means the cold Indiana winter is still potentially in full force. Although it’s been completely tolerable thus far, we know the worst is still likely to come. 

That’s why we are lucky to have things like the Botanical Conservatory’s “Dog Days of Winter” garden exhibit to help us find ways to escape the “blahs” of the season, even if it’s only for a few hours. 

The familiar phrase “Dog Days of Summer” refers to hot and humid weather, when most folks tend to want to take part in outdoor activities, preferably near a body of water in most cases. The Botanical Conservatory is turning that phrase around with the “Dog Days of Winter,” urging us to take part in indoor activities, in spite of the weather. 

This garden of make-believe invites young visitors to imagine what it would be like to own a dog or even be one. A variety of topiary breeds occupy the garden beds, but the Dog Park Agility Course is a playground for those who have always wanted to pretend they are a canine. Choose your favorite breed at the Dog Show, try on different sizes of Dog Housing to see which fits you the best, and practice howling at the moon so you can be the best dog you can possibly be. You can also learn a bit about pet care at the Doggie Doctor and take a simple quiz to find out which breed you are most like. 

Featuring lush tropical plants, winter-bloomers, and later on, early spring-flowering bulbs, the “Dog Days of Winter” will bring welcome relief from the chill of the season. The exhibit runs Jan. 11 through April 12.


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