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AC/DC tribute band ready to rock you

Thunderstruck rolls into the Clyde Theater on Dec. 7

Chels Thompson

Whatzup Features Writer

Published November 28, 2019

Heads Up! This article is 3 years old.

Longtime AC/DC fans can get their headbangin’ fix with Thunderstruck, an AC/DC tribute band that will rock you to your core with classic AC/DC songs and electric vibes.

Coming to Fort Wayne’s Clyde Theatre on Dec. 7 and recreating the AC/DC energy “the way that you remember it,” Thunderstruck aims to please multiple generations who have enjoyed the many hits of the famed Australian ’80s rock band.

AC/DC: A Worthy Choice

Known for their heavy metal and rock influence on multiple generations all over the world, some of AC/DC’s greatest hits include “Hells Bells,” “Back to Black,” and “Highway to Hell.” Angus and Malcolm Young formed the iconic band in 1973. Little did they know that their intense rock stylings would skyrocket them to fame and success after their first two album releases, High Voltage and T.N.T.

Kevin Feller, Chris Jones, and two other band members began Thunderstruck eight years ago.

The band did not see immediate success.

“We knew that we had something special, we just had to do the work,” said current lead singer Dave Moody in a phone interview with Whatzup. “We put in the time, and the show you see today is a direct result of that effort.”

Uniting in the name of rock, these musicians have re­created the AC/DC sound, look, and feel. Thunderstruck hopes to invite audience members into the world of AC/DC.

Support for Thunderstruck

What makes Thunderstruck the AC/DC tribute band? Is it the schoolboy outfit replication of Angus Young’s style? How about the amazing beats made precisely to sound just like the original band? Or is it Thunderstruck’s charged stage presence meant to engulf you in classic rock? Actually, it’s all of the above. Thunderstruck has fine-tuned all of these elements for an invigorating AC/DC experience.

Moody mentioned that Thunderstruck is treated with a lot of respect, as they have “toured our whole country, and met so many people, and had so many experiences. It’s truly a blessing to be able to be allowed to do this for a living.”

A great tribute band not only replicates the music but also keeps fans coming back for more, and that is what Thunderstruck seems to have accomplished thus far through superb reviews and social media attention.

Children are often invited up on stage to sing classic AC/DC hits with the band during Thunderstruck concerts. They feel part of the essence of AC/DC and Thunderstruck, though they are only twelve, or sometimes even five-years-old. This interactive element to Thunderstruck’s performance encourages young rockers to keep the sound alive and makes for a family-friendly event.

The Future of Rock n’ Roll

When asked about the future of rock n’ roll and Thunderstruck, Moody said, “If it’s up to us, we’re gonna carry the flag proudly and take the music to the people.”

Those who rocked out to AC/DC through their prime can relate to Moody’s vigor towards the band. He continues to encourage the revival of rock to current popularity saying, “It’s the truth. Rock n’ roll is alive and well. The younger generation will see to that.”

Seeing a spot for the rock genre in today’s music is crystal clear for Moody, as he helps lead the charge for a rock revolution in 2019. Thunderstruck is going strong, with a solid take on AC/DC.

“We do over 100 shows a year all over the country. You have to want to do it, that’s the most important thing, I believe,” Moody said.

Further explaining the force behind Thunderstruck, Moody said, “Well, we’ll be here as long as people want us, which we hope is for a good while. We feel good about what we do. We’re all still in great shape, and we still love it.”

Having a passion for the type of music that frees the soul and rids you of your inhibitions is refreshing in this day and age.


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