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Raucous rock trio are ready to thrash city at The Ruin

Iowa band is excited to bring live music to town

Chris Hupe

Whatzup Features Writer

Published April 14, 2021

If you Google The Rumours, what you usually get are a lot of references to Fleetwood Mac and their classic album.

But eventually you will unearth some information on the Waterloo, Iowa-based band called The Rumours, a raucous trio helping to bring live music back to Fort Wayne. They are set to appear at The Ruin on April 22.

Whatzup recently spoke with The Rumours frontwoman Carli Foxx about her band’s upcoming tour featuring an appearance in the Summit City and she could hardly contain her enthusiasm.

“I’m so excited,” she said. “I haven’t played a legitimate show in over a year, so I’m so, so, so, excited, but I’m also very nervous because I’m hoping I remember how to perform at this point.”

The Rumours are hitting the road to support their newest album, Suck It, released a little over a year ago, right around the time COVID-19 became a part of our everyday conversations.

“It was terrible timing,” Foxx said of the album’s release.

The album got great reviews, almost universally, so people who were looking for new music were eager to purchase it.

“(The pandemic) did kill some of the buzz around the album, but honestly, sales were still great,” she said. “We definitely woulld have sold more albums on the road, but we’ll get to do that this year, hopefully.”

IN-your-face Music

With songs titles like “I Want Your Love (Want Your Drugs),” “Wasted,” and “You Suck, Baby,” it’s understandable why Foxx describes the band’s music as “in your face rock n’ roll with a dash of punk on top.”

Their debut full-length album Hot Bang had a definite L.A. Sunset Strip and glam influence embedded in it, but the new music has a little more attitude.

“We’re going in more of a punk direction now, but that’s ok in my book because I’m a massive punk fan,” Foxx said. “So it works out great.”

Foxx’s love of punk music comes from being heavily influenced by the career of Joan Jett. There is no doubt the band’s music reflects it.

“Joan Jett is the reason that I play music,” she said. “Once she left The Runaways, she initially went in more of a punk direction. That’s kind of the direction I want to take, too. I want to play unapologetic rock n’ roll and punk music, say what I want to say and have a good time while I’m doing it.”


While COVID-19 took touring away from most artists last year, including The Rumours, the pandemic was fortunate for the band in one way as the time off allowed Foxx, drummer Daniel Kluiter, and bassist Ela Rose some much-needed space to evaluate the band as a whole, eventually slimming down to a trio after guitarist Stu the Drew left the band.

“It’s for the better and it was a long time coming,” Foxx said about the membership shift. “Basically, the pandemic pushed us in the direction we needed to go. Everybody was getting frustrated. We know where we all stand now and what we want to do with our band, so I think it was really a good thing. It kind of threw things off a bit but now we know who’s in and who wants to go all the way.”

Refocused and reenergized, Foxx says she thinks the time is right to finally get back to touring.

“It seems like more bands are starting to play shows. Now that the vaccines are available and people are more comfortable with going out, I won’t be surprised if shows aren’t great.”

Foxx went to say that, of course, the band encourages everyone to wear a mask and socially distance as much as they can because you can still enjoy yourself in that type of atmosphere while remaining safe.

“I’ve been to a few socially distanced shows myself that were all great and safe. That’s something I want to promote; going out and having fun but being safe while we do it.”

Coming Alive on Stage

Though The Rumours have two very well-received albums in the books and are very proud of them, the live stage is where you can really see what they do best. Their shows are filled with energy, fun, great songs, and superb showmanship.

This is a band that seems to be on the verge of breaking out and it’s likely there won’t be another opportunity to see them in an intimate venue like this again. Not only that, but with Foxx, you’re also witnessing the emergence of a true rock star ready to take her place amongst the elite.

Brimming with confidence that her band has finally found its true direction, The Rumours are serving notice, city by city, that they stand proud as one of the new breed of punk rock torchbearers. This will be Fort Wayne’s first chance to do its part in helping spread the truth about The Rumours.

“You never know what’s going to happen, because we’re a force to reckoned with,” Foxx said. “And you better be ready for the Jager.”

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