Fort Wayne’s The Indigo Society are a five-piece alternative rock band that packs quite the emotional punch. Wistful vocals from guitarist/vocalist Brody Evans carry over dreamy songs that leave big sonic footprints. 

Musically, The Indigo Society make songs that feel big, urgent, and melancholy. Not sad, but thoughtfully aloof, like looking out over a vast and expanding Lake Michigan on an overcast day and thinking about someone you once knew but who are no longer in your life. 

There’s a lot going into the sound, from alternative to pop to orchestral to hazy psychedelia that hides in layers of delay and keys. There’s everything from Smashing Pumpkins to Coldplay to Lumineers to Silversun Pickups to The Besnard Lakes as well as My Morning Jacket. 

With the release of their first full-length, Diana Luna makes good on the promise of singles and EP Daisyface made last year. Big songs, big melodies, and stadium-sized choruses abound. 

Diana Luna is filled with songs you’d put on a mixtape and the recipient perks up as soon as The Indigo Society comes on. “Whoa, who is that?” they’d say as album opener “Rain” comes on. Haunting vocals, strummed acoustic, and swells of keys, bass, and drums come in like an emotional whirlwind. There’s a majestic quality here, one that feels far larger than the footprint a young Midwest band from The Fort could leave. But leave it they do. 

From title track “Diana Luna” to “Don’t Look Back” to the chiming single “Grey Poupon,” The Indigo Society seem incapable of writing a bad song. “Grey Poupon” captures the spirit of early ’90s stalwarts The Cranberries in jangly pop perfection, while “Goodbye June” locks into heavier vibes courtesy of a fuzzed-up guitar sound that captures Silversun Pickups’ dark pop swirl. 

Diana Luna is an open book of a record, showing The Indigo Society’s endearing and thoughtful songwriting throughout while adding ear-grabbing production to seal the deal. 

The Indigo Society have made a place of their own in that local music scene, and Diana Luna is just their opening salvo. Can’t wait to see what’s next.