Serepta is the nom de plume of Chicago-by-way-of-Fort Wayne musician/songwriter/avant artist Hope Arthur. 

Through the muse of Serepta, Arthur combines their love of all arts: music, visual, dance, makeup, and whatever feels right in the moment of creativity. Capturing the spirit of other forward-thinking pop/experimental artists like Björk, FKA Twigs, Janelle Monae, Kate Bush, and Sia, Serepta brings pop music inclusivity to the world of creative experimentation. 

The “Jamuary” Music Challenge was the foundation of Serepta’s new album Wayward Vessel. In the month of January musicians are challenged to share one new musical idea a day, which is 31 ideas. What began as a fun creative challenge to keep those musical muscles in fine form became the basis for Wayward Vessel, ten tracks of experimental pop that explore everything from the avant garde to electro pop. 

“Ocypete” swings seductively with an almost Portishead vibe. Short but sweet, it goes into the electro pop sway of “The Fragrance of My Blood.” Locking into the propulsive sound of Lou Rebecca with the majestic grandeur of Kate Bush, Serepta puts their best foot forward. “Wayward Vessel” wavers in dramatic keys and emotional intent. The vocals come in strong with lyrics, “This heavenly love/Should radiate from my face/If I just submit to it/Yet I remain/A wayward vessel/This is deeper than logic can explain.” “Your Departure” featuring Kurt Roembke has an almost hazy cabaret feel to it. 

Serepta wrote, performed, and produced the album, but not without a little help from their friends. Along with Teri Quinn, Roembke, and U:KUSTIK on “The State of My Own Vanity,” Wayward Vessel was mixed and mastered by Dan Kinnaley of Chipped Tooth Audio in Fort Wayne. With all great art, it’s made possible by the kindness of friends and fellow artists, if not in the making itself, then in their spirit and inspiration. 

Over the course of 10 songs, Serepta builds a mysterious and exhilarating sound world on Wayward Vessel. Touching on everything from dance music to dream pop to chamber music, Arthur works a kind of creative magic.