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This year full of intriguing, impressive movies

Greg W. Locke

Whatzup Features Writer

Published November 21, 2019

Heads Up! This article is 3 years old.

As the year in movies nears a close, we at the ScreenTime offices have decided to take the opportunity to look back at the year that was. We’re not yet ready to share our opinions about our favorite films, cinematography, performances, or screenplays just yet. Rather, we’re going to throw a whole lot of facts at you. A summary, if you will.

Let’s start with the money, specifically the domestic dollar. So far this year, 10 American films have hit the blockbuster level in sales, starting with Hobbs & Shaw at No. 10, with $174 million in domestic sales ($759 worldwide). After that, at No. 9, we have Jordan Peele’s Us with $175 million in U.S. sales ($255 million worldwide). Next up is It: Chapter Two at No. 8 with $211 million in sales ($463 million worldwide). Then, finally, at No. 7, we have ScreenTime fave Joker with a whopping $317 million in U.S. sales (and just over $1 billion in sales worldwide).

The “live-action” remake of Aladdin sold $355 million in the U.S. ($1.05 billion worldwide) while Spider-Man: Far From Home took the No. 5 spot in the U.S. with $390 million in sales ($1.132 billion internationally).

Now here’s where it gets crazy: Captain Marvel sold $426 million in the U.S. ($1.13 billion worldwide), Toy Story 4 sold $434 million domestically ($1.07 billion internationally), and the “live-action” remake of The Lion King took the No. 2 spot with $543 million in U.S. sales ($1.66 billion worldwide).

And then, of course, we have the big dog, Avengers: Endgame, the best-selling film ever made. Endgame made $858 million in the U.S. and a shocking $2.798 billion worldwide. Yikes.

So what do we learn from this? Well, franchise movies sell big. Especially if they’re either a Disney remake or an action hero film (which accounts for seven of the titles on this list).

Jordan Peele, I’d suggest, wins the box office year with the success of his Us, the only original IP on the list. That’s a incredible accomplishment in 2019, when people really only go out to see more of the same thing they already like.

So props, Jordan, for your success with Us. Here’s hoping you don’t fall prey to the franchise business like so many of the other great Hollywood talents have.

So that’s the too-early box office roundup for 2019. While digging through all the box office info I came across so many films that I forgot had come out during this very long year. As you begin to put together your list of favorites from the year, here are some movies I hope you won’t forget to consider:

Glass (not kidding); Velvet Buzzsaw; High Flying Bird; Greta; The Kid; The Highwaymen; The Beach Bum; High Life; Her Smell; Under the Silver Lake; Long Shot; Booksmart; The Last Black Man in San Francisco; The Dead Don’t Die; Yesterday; Midsommar; The Farewell; Once Upon a Time in Hollywood; Light of My Life; Where’d You Go, Bernadette; Ad Astra; The Laundromat; Lucy in the Sky; Dolemite Is My Name; In the Tall Grass; The King; El Camino; Jojo Rabbit; Honey Boy; Marriage Story; The Irishman; Harriet; Ford v Ferrari; The Report; Waves; and The Lighthouse.

And, of course, all the great movies still coming over the next seven weeks or so. It has undeniably been an incredible year for cinema. I’ve loved 20 films already this year. That’s a lot for me as I get older and get increasingly hard to impress.

Do you have any favorite films from 2019 that I neglected to mention? Send your thoughts my way at

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