Fort Wayne’s preeminent MC is not wasting any time. 

Sankofa is a rapper who sees time is limited, so while the ideas are flowing and talented friends are at the ready to collaborate, he is gonna be in the game. As one album drops, there’s usually three or four more ready to roll, the raps as tasty and sharp as the last. He never releases subpar albums. Each one is its own carefully constructed, curated sound world, and they’re always bangin’. 

Last we heard from Sankofa, he’d just dropped the tight and deadly Iron Kofa Sharp in June, his collab with the great producer Iron Mike Sharp. Before that was Multitudes, Vol. 1 in March — 18 different songs and 18 different producers, a monumental album, to say the least. 

We now have BLKTCHP3, and Sankofa is in fine fighting form — 10 tracks produced by phdbeats and Sankofa coming out swinging. It’s what you’ve come to expect from Kofa, which is next level rapping and always thoughtful rhymes backed by beats with a serious punch.

“Sometimes I wish my brain came with an off switch,” Sankofa raps at the beginning of opener “Montana Nervous System.” Musically, the song moves along eerie melodies and an old-school beat. “Thin Blue Noose” continues the ominous vibes with samples that bring MF Doom to mind. Sankofa locks in and never lets up. 

Special guest JON?DOE drops in for the great “Earthquakes (in stereo),” while G Fam Black drops in on the excellent “Frozen Thorns.” Musically, there’s a vibe of some ’70s horror flick, like Phantasm, that gives it an almost dreamy vibe. 

Even with great guest MCs, the star of the show is Sankofa. This is his world we’re stepping in, and with phdbeats building these tight rhythms for him to build around, each track is a 10 out of 10. 

“A League of Bruises,” “Palms Crossed, Broken Hearts,” and the stunning closer “Give Us Today” make BLKTCHP3 another Sankofa future classic.

Sankofa, with a little help from his friends, has released another bulletproof LP. BLKTCHP3 is another killer musical outing from one of the best to spit into a mic.