A ballerina walks into a bar(re) … 

Fort Wayne Ballet welcomes its audience for an intimate evening of beautiful ballet and wonderful wine when they kick off their 2023-24 season with the first of their Studio Series shows: Wine Barre. 

According to their website, “At the Wine Barre, you will enjoy an up-close-and-personal dance performance, a paired tasting, and intimate conversation in between a variety of repertoire pieces.” 

The repertoire featured in this show will include a broad selection of pas de deux, “dance for two,” performed by the talented dancers of FWB. 

Whether you are a wine connoisseur or a casual wine consumer, this show will help answer the question, “What wine pairs best with a classic pas de deux?” 

In addition to the intimate setting of this show, you will have the opportunity to talk to the dancers in between their pieces. So, if you’ve ever been watching the stunning FWB dancers up on stage and thought, “How did they just do that?” now is your time to ask!