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Joey O. Band / Still Dreaming

Jason Hoffman

Whatzup Features Writer

Published September 20, 2007

Heads Up! This article is 15 years old.

Joey O. is a guitarist̥s guitarist. He uses Fender guitars and real Fender amps Рnone of that simulated amp-modeling chicanery. His playing style is so nuanced and direct that it̥s probably a wise choice not to put a computer between guitar and amp. With his latest release, Still Dreaming, Joey O. and bandmates have issued their best collection yet, 10 exciting and original songs in a variety of styles that overflow with old school promise, each one free from synthetic gimmickry.

Songs such as the bright, energetic ÒBe Here With YouÓ bear a classic rock feel complete with a smoking guitar solo. Hey, this is classic rock, so every song has a smoking guitar solo performed in a succulent guitar tone that lets it be known that thereÕs a good reason why Joey O. has been written up in national publications and shared the stage with members of well known bands too numerous to mention. ÒDangerous GameÓ nods to Boston with a peppy shuffle and rootsy guitar riff, while ÒThe LovinÕ KindÓ is a ray of pure summer sunshine, mixing nice vocal harmonies with the kind of 70s rock that made Steely Dan the band of the land. A solid drum beat, compliments of Vince Lutskus who co-wrote the majority of the songs, brings the bluesy ÒCame To My SensesÓ to life, smoking alongside the gritty Stevie Ray Vaughan guitar tone accompanying lines such as ÒI came to my senses when you walked out that door.Ó The smooth and easy ballad ÒHeavenÓ is custom made for slow dancing. If Jeremy MillerÕs creamy vocals donÕt make you fall in love, the dreamy and melodic guitar solo certainly will. And as if being one of the best guitarists in the area isnÕt enough, before he picked up the axe Joey was receiving accolades for his keyboard playing, evidenced by the first two minutes of ÒFor Donna,Ó where he performs a romantic, lush piano solo, eventually bringing in the band for an understated emotion-packed instrumental that allows him to give full vent to his expressive playing style.

The majority of the songs were recorded live by Joey at his secret underground studio with minimal overdubs. The album was then mixed at Sweetwater by Jeff Steeg, sweetening the already tightly crafted songs to a perfect pitch. Stop by your local Wooden Nickel or Borders to pick up Joey O. BandÕs Still Dreaming, or better yet, attend their CD release party on September 28 at MartinÕs in Garrett (more information at YouÕll have such a good time youÕll be asking total strangers to pinch you to check if youÕre dreaming.

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