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Industrial Strength / Hadel Zone

Jason Hoffman

Whatzup Features Writer

Published August 19, 2004

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Fans of Industrial Strength’s ultra-aggressive music have reason to rejoice now that the band has called off their two-year self-imposed hiatus. Bassist Rory Grams is the reason for this resurgence, replacing original bassist Sam Mayberry. Along with vocalist Pat Martin, guitarist Adam Bricker and drummer Joe Heathman, this foursome have sharpened their collective axes and are ready to tear the head off Fort Wayne with their second release, Hadel Zone, a collection of 11 songs about betrayal, loss and hate.

The ominous “Your Time Is Coming” is the first track, shredding a killer riff against an insane double-kick drum that never lets up as chilling screaming and guttural utterances punctuate the song, raising goosebumps faster than a politician can raise money. “Independent” starts with wicked bass and drums before the massive guitars crush down on your puny little eardrums with a vengeance only Pantera could have mustered. The riffs in “False Words” comes fast and furious, like the anger the vocalist feels in having been deceived, blisteringly vowing “I will never betray my word value.”

Mournful church bells and somber (yet still distorted) guitars create the eerie mood of “Loss,” a song which continues the Sepultura-like temperament of “Rise,” a track which contrasts flanged whispered vocals against thudding guitars. Melodic guitars replace the rhythmic assault in “My Own Visions,” kicking off the second, more varied, half of the album. For instance, “Hate” interjects a variety of guitar sounds and tempos that range from mosh-pit to adrenaline frenzy, while “Black” gives a nod to Iron Maiden with searing, melodic guitars alongside pounding rhythms. While quite notable on the entire album, the bass in this song is jaw-dropping for its inventive and technical slant. The album ends dark and brutal with the seething “Self Development,” a killer track that grips you by the throat and squeezes until you turn purple. This purple-enabling album is available at Wooden Nickel stores and at

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