Like Freddy Krueger in every nightmare you’ve ever had, Grave Robber have emerged from the darkest corners of the earth to unleash their new album, Inner Sanctum, on an unsuspecting public.

Most often compared to The Misfits for their style of horror punk, the masked men of Grave Robber seem to be reaching beyond that stereotypical category. Don’t get me wrong. The band is still fueled by Misfits-style energy and attitude, but there are several songs that go beyond that. Consider the 50s doo-wop influenced “Tell Tale Heart,” the thrashy “Valley of Dry Bones,” the bass-driven “I’m Possessed” and the full-out rock of “Altered States.” These tunes are sure to turn some heads, as will the unexpected shredding by guitarist Lamentor on “Men in Black.” Even the hidden track packs a nice surprise with its early Iron Maiden sound.

There doesn’t seem to be a dud on the album, but the standout songs on Inner Sanctum include the title track, “Fear No Evil” and the aforementioned “I’m Possessed.” If radio played punk music, I am sure these songs would be big hits.

Those who read last week’s feature on the band know that these somewhat decomposed, earth-walking zombie slaves have a lot going on at the moment, and Inner Sanctum is sure to help fuel interest in their trajectory. This album definitely has something for just about every rock fan, not to mention fans of B-movie horror flicks. Clocking in at just under 36 minutes, Inner Sanctum is direct and to the point. Grave Robber do not mince words or waste time beating around the bush. Their mission is “to scare the hell out of you.” With three chords and the cold, hard truth they easily accomplish their goal. It doesn’t get any scarier than that.