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Go Dog Go / Summer 04 EP

Jason Hoffman

Whatzup Features Writer

Published September 9, 2004

Heads Up! This article is 19 years old.

After many years of delighting Fort Wayne area audiences with their crisp brand of radio-friendly rock, Go Dog Go have decided to put themselves to sleep. But before heading to that big kennel in the sky they decided to treat their fans to a parting gift, Summer 04 EP, a six-song collection recorded at Monastic Chambers during, er, the summer of 2004.

“Sleeping Pills” is a quiet, world-weary, Wilco-inspired ode to a broken love where “When everything that you loved about me / Became the things you hated worse.” The brushed drums, clarinet solo and tired melody combine to give this song a laconic feel that mirrors the worn “romance” it portrays. Manic stereo bongos characterize the jaunty “Straight Back to Me,” which tackles gossip with an earnest and catchy guitar riff. “We’re Alright” finds the Dogs back in full rock mode with guitars blazing while Chris Dodds sings a melody hedged in optimism. You may have heard a snippet of their version of “The Wheels on the Bus” on Citilink’s television commercials, and now you can have the full song as Go Dog Go playfully steamroll through their raucous rendition, complete with a smile-evoking guitar solo and a whole busload of fun. In a better world “Boston” would have been a huge hit, opening with piano and culminating in a massive emotional chorus that easily rips your heart to shreds. The closing song, “Roll to Jesus,” is one part rock, one part folk,and one part church camp sing-along, boasting of simple acoustic guitar, mandolin, and a smiling tear of a melody.

Go Dog Go will be playing their last show September 30 at Columbia Street West and will have plenty of copies of Summer 04 EP available. Don’t be a dog, go to the show and present your offering of kibble and admiration to this amazing band.

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