It seems that Fort Wayne native Diana

Bush-Harris has been making quite a national

splash lately with her debut album, By My

God, which features a broad assortment of

contemporary styles firmly grounded in the gospel

tradition. She’s also the founder and president

of independent label Judah Praise Recordings and

is designing an inspirational clothing line. But

since I don’t write fashion reviews I’ll leave

that to another writer.

The title track is a punchy, upbeat song of

surrender with loads of encouraging lyrics. The

biggest surprise for this jaded reviewer was that

this lead vocalist actually practices humility by

(gasp) sharing the vocals, not only in “By My

God,” where she sings with her brother Gary Bush,

but also in the hybrid “Righteous Rap,” where

Carmen Hicks raps over a lush bed of gospel

chorus, and my personal album favorite, “He Made

Me Righteous,” which features vocals by Suezette

Phillips and Anitra Allen plus a mid-section of

old-time revival music that is augmented by

unusual, squishy synth sounds that culminate in a

frenzied, heartfelt jam session. The

contemporary, yet jazzy “It’s A Pleasure To Say

Yes” showcases Bush-Harris’ deep, sultry voice as

she sings about the realization that Christ is

much more than adhering to a strict list of do’s

and don’ts. More upbeat jazz is on hand for “The

Way You Love Me,” which manages to incorporate a

classic gospel sound with soulful background

vocals, groaning organs, thick synth bass and

chirpy electric pianos. “He Gave” and “If I” are

both slower ballads in the midst of these

energetic songs, and each strip away the

distractions to let Diana clearly and skillfully

sing praise to her God.

Each song packs a little something special to

keep the ear alive, showing her mature

songwriting skills and the expert level of

attention provided by Tempel Recording Studios.

While most of the album features live drums

nestled in a sea of synthesizers, “Above All

Gods” has a very real guitar playing a very

reflective solo. “Praise Be To God” incorporates

an African vibe to its big worship sound of

call-and-response gospel background vocals, and

“Praise Is A Pavillion” adds just a pinch of the

blues to the whirling organs to make for a very

pleasing listen. The album ends with “Worship

Medley” which manages to capture an invigorating,

live, open feel as Bush-Harris and her band lead

their way through three songs of praise.

To hear this varied and inspired album for

yourself, visit or Or if you feel like being around real

people, visit the Anchor Room or stop by the

Summit City Worship Center and ask for By My

God by Diana Bush-Harris.