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Cathy Serrano spends her days as one of Fort Wayne’s many fine lawyers, but in her off hours she dons the acoustic guitar and, more importantly, the Native American flute. At the behest of Michael Patterson she decided to record some of her original flute compositions, the result being her first album, Share The Wind. The album title ties in nicely with Serrano’s philosophy that “wind is to me dual, both a physical and spiritual concept,” and, as such, she is sharing a piece of herself through her music.

Although 13 original compositions are presented, the album runs a brief 24 minutes. While one could argue, “How much Native American flute music can one listen to?,” the same could be said for accordions, and then you’re just one small step away from fisticuffs.

The compositions are varied in tempo, melody and mood such that, although you can’t escape the beautifully lonely sound of this instrument, Serrano never loses your attention. She also incorporates a number of Native American drums, jingles and rattles to augment the pieces, such as on the opening “Nakai Tribute,” where a gently shaken rattle accompanies the flute. “Woodlands In The Spring” is more upbeat and about as sprightly as this instrument can get. For “Wind Across The Grass” Serrano plays the somber flute against the steady beat of a lone drum, while subtle reverb and echo add depth to “Grandfather’s Britches” and “Canyon-Sitting.” The poppy “Meadows” applies peppy shakers before Serrano digs in with “Song of Mourning,” adding an amount of grit to her flute styling. The album fittingly ends with “Sunset,” is a joyous flute solo fit to send you on your merry way.

For a relaxing, natural, nostalgic sound, the Native American flute just can’t be beat! To fill your days with this wonderful tone look for this CD at or wherever Serrano plays one of her live acoustic guitar shows – although I’d be willing to bet that she has a flute tucked away to Share the Wind for special requests.


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