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Andrew J. Booth / The Rest Trilogy

Jason Hoffman

Whatzup Features Writer

Published February 24, 2005

Heads Up! This article is 18 years old.

Born and reared in the foreign land of the

UK, Andrew Booth ended up spending his college

years at Taylor University, where he indulged his

love for composition and playing the flute and

various ethnic whistles, honing these skills to

razor-sharp perfection. He released his first

album of flute compositions in 1996, his second

in 2000 and, seeing a pattern, his third, The

Rest Liturgy – in late 2004.

Booth found the need for The Rest Liturgy

when he realized how increasingly busy and

overwhelmed his life had become (small children,

anyone?). Wanting to find a way to slow the pace

to allow for reflection and prayer he started

writing soothing music, often spontaneously

composing melodies on the piano and wrapping them

in gentle arrangements and calming textures.

While somewhat on the New Age side in terms of

style, Booth refused to let his creations become

“musical wallpaper,” and he succeeded; even a

non-listener of such music such as this reviewer

can tell that there’s a bit of meat beneath the

placid surface. “Invitation,” for instance, is

restful but not without passion. An ambient drum

kit combines with synth strings and an almost

Native American wind instrument in a setting that

slowly heats up to an invigorated dialogue. “Off

The Beaten Path 2,” although quick in pace and

with pulsing keyboards, is relaxing in large part

to the clean guitars and breathy flute. The rest

of the 14 tracks barely break a sweat,

tempo-wise, which is fully appropriate for such

an album. Piano, clean bass, vocal choir synth

sounds and light percussion add interest and

variety to accompany you on your quiet


Recorded at Dream Rodeo and mixed at Monastic

Chambers, The Rest Liturgy is just that: a

soothing, calming musical excursion. By starting

with a solid knowledge of composition Booth mixes

in elements of classical, Celtic and contemporary

to create a series of musical moods that will

surely slow your hyperactive life to a reflective


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