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Lurking Corpses to haunt Brass Rail for 20th anniversary show

Nick Braun

Nick Braun

Whatzup Features Writer

Published October 13, 2021

Can you believe The Lurking Corpses have been terrifying the local scene for 20 years now? 

You have to agree, firing away at 20 years is a monstrous accomplishment. 

During that time, the horror-obsessed thrash punkers have had a few lineup changes, released four full-length albums, released numerous singles and EPs, and shared the stage with touring acts such as The Dwarves, D.R.I., Impaler, and Grim Reaper

In honor of the milestone, frontman Lord Vladimir Von Ghoul said the Brass Rail will host The Lurking Corpses 20th Anniversary Show at 9:30 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 6. The show will also include Burial Party, Filth & Majesty, and Wenches.

Showgoers will also get a special guest performance from former Corpses band member Wolfman the Shredder, who is known for his guitar work on the band’s hits “Lust for Blood” and “Smells Like the Dead.”

“It sounds like the moon will be full on November sixth, one more time for the shredder,” Wolfman said. “I will be picking a few of my favs to play that evening and it should be a bloody good show.”

Another past member joining the fun is  drummer Friar Frightengale, who was a fan of the band before joining in 2005. 

“I loved the combination of horror movies, heavy metal, and punk rock,” he said. “I played with the band for 13 years and had some amazing times and played some of the best shows I’ve ever played. In 2018, I left the band, and returned to being a fan.” 

Von Ghoul also said that the band is almost done writing a new album. 

They will also be opening for English metal legends Raven at Reggies in Chicago on Saturday, Oct. 23. 

Pete Dio back in the studio

If you were fortunate enough to get your hands on a copy of Pete Dio and The Old & Dirty’s latest effort Y’all Trying To Kill Me, then you know these cats are firing on all cylinders. Since that release, the honky tonkers have been awing crowds both locally and regionally. 

With so much creativity flowing from the band, it only made since to hit the studio once again. 

The crew has returned to Off The Cuff Sound to record the follow-up. Some of the urgency may be the fact that Off The Cuff is soon moving to a new location. 

“Knowing that the old studio is going to be torn down motivated me to get back in there for one last album,” Dio said. “I’m going to miss the old place but excited for the new spot as well.” 

It sounds as though the new album is pretty much done, but there are no plans to release it anytime soon with all the buzz around the latest album.

“I tell you what though, I’m feeling the new stuff for sure thanks to Off The Cuff’s Jason ‘GoldenEars’ Davis,” Dio said. 

Can’t wait to feast my ears on the new material. Until then, check Pete Dio and the Old & Dirty at Trubble Brewing on Oct. 15 and in Huntington on Nov. 6 when they hit the stage at Market Street Bar & Grill which is now owned by fellow Waynedaler Keith Ealey

Namen Namen releases EP 

Namen Namen recently released a 7-inch vinyl EP titled Riding in the Wind. This gem may feature only four tracks, but it’s a haymaker of an album and comes in a nice clear colored vinyl. 

Side A was recorded in lead guitarist Kellen Baker’s basement with some SM58 mics, an old ampeg mixer, and a laptop. The result is the title track and “Good A** Friends” which features bassist Zara McCord playing a Wurlitzer 200A and vocalist Dylan Record on a really old parlor acoustic. 

“We actually had to trick Zara into playing the part,” Baker said. “She didn’t know it was recording, and you can hear when she finds out right at the end.”

Side B was recorded into a two-track cassette and features “I Wanna Fite U” and “Can’t Shake It.” 

Everything was recorded on one take, Baker said. The album is available at all Wooden Nickel locations and Neat Neat Neat Records. 

A good chance to get a copy would be at one of their upcoming shows, although the only thing they have on schedule right now is a house party in Bloomington at the end of the month. 

Stay tuned to Whatzup for future shows. 

New album from Necromoon

The psychedelic experience known as Necromoon has just released a 10-track effort titled Spirit Fair. This is their first full-length release since scaling back to a three-piece of Tessa Brumbeloe, Connor Corwin, and James Wadsworth

“This album is heavily influenced by a difficult, transitional time for us, amid a pandemic and personal turmoil,” Brumbeloe said. “We create an intense wall of sound paired with dreamy, ethereal soundscape.”

The album was recorded and mastered by Matt Riefler. You can find it on all streaming platforms. Hit the band up if you prefer a CD. 

Necromoon’s next show is on Saturday, Nov.  20, in The Tiger Room at Welch’s Ale House. 

Locals open for Blacktop Mojo

Hard rockers The Illegals and To Breathe Again are the opening acts for the hard-driving Southern rock act Blacktop Mojo at Piere’s at 8 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 31. 

The Illegals’ guitarist Arthur Mock’s birthday is the next day, so you know there will be some celebrating going on. 

The best gift you could give Mock is to show up in costume, raise your fist in the air, and rock out. 

Tickets for the show are available via Eventbrite or track down one of the band members for a ticket to avoid fees. 


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