Fort Wayne musician and songwriter Jonah Leatherman writes songs rooted in the Midwest — dusty, jangly rock n’ roll that grew from seeds planted by names like Petty, Mellencamp, Young, Springsteen, and Earle. 

Leatherman is following in big footsteps and continues a tradition of honest, heartfelt rock n’ roll. But he’s starting to leave footsteps of his own, offering up a voice that’s quite unique and singular. 

Last year, Leatherman released his full-length debut, simply titled Jonah Leatherman, a jangly rock n’ roll album that displayed his guitar prowess, as well as his distinct songwriting muscles. He returns with Ensuring My Uncertainty

While staying true to the sound of his debut, Leatherman expands into wider sonic realms. He’s writing songs that feel there’s more at stake and with a sense of urgency. This is still rootsy rock n’ roll, but with roots that go deeper. 

Opener “Overlap” floats along with a sound that’s full and with a sense of melancholy. The chorus hits and the song explodes into a widescreen War on Drugs feel. 

“Whatever Happened” shimmers and chimes with guitars and keys and that distinct Leslie speaker sound. Leatherman’s vocals are reminiscent of Ben Folds here, which isn’t a bad thing. 

“Panoply” is a dreamy, moody piece that brings to mind Band of Horses, but with a touch of Pink Floyd’s cosmic vibes. 

Elsewhere, “It’s Only Me & You” shimmers like Alex Chilton and Big Star with touches of Teenage Fanclub. “Emergence(y)” shimmies and shakes like a proper barn burner, while “Beyond the Lines” is an absolutely gorgeous track: subtle, shimmering, and with just enough embellishments to give it an almost grand quality. 

“Victory Lap” closes out the record with a gently picked acoustic and Leatherman’s voice, the perfect way to end this stunning sophomore LP. 

Once again, Leatherman delivers on the roots-heavy rocker Ensuring My Uncertainty with personal, intimate songs with the right amount of heart, soul, and rock n’ roll abandon.