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Why do recurring listings have an expiration date?

Posted November 30, 2020

If this doesn't answer to your question(s), please contact us. If something on our website or app is broken, please report it.

We noticed that not everyone who submits a recurring listing would keep us updated on whether or not the listing is still active. This would cause our calendars to have recurring listings that have not been active for years.

Therefore, we cannot keep your recurring listing in our calendars indefinitely, it is simply not possible for our team to keep up with each listing individually to make sure the event is still active.

When your listing is about to reach its expiration date, you will be contacted automatically via email by our system with a link to renew your listing. Your listings new expiration date will always be 3 months from when you renew it.

If there is no contact for the listing, the venue is contacted if we have their email on file. If not, we are notified that the listing is about to expire.

After it has reached its expiration date, you can still contact us to have your listing published again, but it will be unlisted from our website and in print until you do.

Two weeks after it has reached its expiration date, your listing will be deleted permanently. After this, you can still contact us to see if we can find the original submission, but we make no guarantees we will be able to find the original submission and restore your listing.

We know it's not the most convenient solution, but you can always submit your listing again if it has been deleted from our system.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

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