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Gabe Bailey: “Take II”

On his second studio album, Bailey delves into pop, rock, and blues as a one-man band

Gabe Bailey is a one-man band on his sophomore record, "Take II."

Chris Hupe

Whatzup Features Writer

Published October 5, 2022

You’ll need no more evidence of Fort Wayne’s massive base of music talent than listening to the latest from 20-year-old Gabe Bailey, Take II

On his second studio album, Bailey delves into pop, rock, and blues as a one-man band, writing every song, playing every instrument, and singing every song.

Sonically, Take II is solid. Bailey’s performances, guitar tones, and arrangements are meticulously thought out and producer Mike Picotte makes the best of them, bringing out the nuances that make this album special. 

Blues numbers “Bar & Grill” and “So Many Things” are mostly traditional, but Bailey goes a step further in expanding the genre’s best attributes and making the sound his own. A couple of nice guitar solos on “So Many Things” and “Honey, I’ve Got a New Friend” show off Bailey’s playing prowess while his versatility is on display with a playful back and forth between bass and piano on the album opener “Tears Off the Sheets.”

“The Awkward Song” is playful, whimsical, and appropriately named, revealing a lighter side to Bailey’s music, while “The Waiting Song” travels into similar territory, bringing to mind Jason Mraz in spots. 

On the album’s final three tracks, Bailey veers further toward singer-songwriter territory, showing off a softer side that will appeal to fans of many genres.

Standout tracks include the aforementioned “Tears Off the Sheets,” along with the gritty “Bar & Grill,” and album closer “Home,” but you’ll likely find your own favorites upon repeated listening. 

Heavy with potential hits, there’s no doubt Take II shows off a major talent developing right here in our backyard. It’s easy to imagine that, over time, Bailey will develop his universe to incorporate other styles or, quite possibly, settle on one he likes better than the rest. For now, we should enjoy this album as it is, with all of its variety, and as an indicator of the bright future of Fort Wayne’s music scene. 


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