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Jim Cox

Patrick Boylen

Whatzup Features Writer

Published September 12, 2013

Heads Up! This article is 9 years old.

Syracuse, Indiana author Jim Cox, a natural-born storyteller, writes enchanting tales in the style of Louis L’amour.  If you are an avid reader of Westerns, you will appreciate the easy cadence and plain speak of Cox’s style. His books read like one would expect actual dialog on the 1800s frontier to sound like. 

So far, thanks to local recording powerhouse Sweetwater Sound, there are two ebooks and audiobooks of his in-print novels available: A Man Called Scar and Rusty Crooked Nails. Two more books are in development – Scar and the Double D Ranch, the long-awaited sequel to A Man Called Scar, and The Long High Trail. 

Cox writes with a steady moral compass and says, “I like to write books that anyone can read and provide wholesome entertainment for all ages to enjoy.” 

A 13-year-old boy can read and enjoy Cox’s Westerns every bit as much as a grownup, which is refreshing in today’s culture.

Cox is a member of what’s sometimes called the Greatest Generation, and his worldliness and compassion comes through in everything he writes. He has had three careers, authoring Western novels being his third. 

Born the youngest of five siblings in the 1930s in Missouri, his family moved around extensively when he was a small child before settling back in the town of his birth – Essex, a town of 500 in the flat river bottoms of southeastern Missouri. After his father’s death when he was 12, Jim and his mother and youngest sister moved in with his grandparents. His grandfather, it would seem, is his muse who propelled him into his career as an author. 

“Back then money was scarce, but the memories were priceless,” Cox told me. He states that his grandfather told hour-long stories of his growing-up years with obvious embellishments to make them larger than life. Those precious memories of his grandfather’s long-winded yarns left an indelible impression in Cox. One might say that storytelling is in his genes.

His foray into the enchantment of storytelling began when he lived with his brother in West Lafayette while attending Purdue University. The car rides to visit family back in Missouri over the holidays were an eight-hour trip, and that’s when Cox started carrying on his grandfather’s tradition. He’d entertain his nephew Jay as his own stories came to life in the back seat during those special times years ago.

Fast forward to current times: after college Cox worked for many years for a major agricultural company, not unusual for a Purdue grad. However, due to his great business sense and determination, Cox went on to found his own successful agricultural business which allowed him to retire comfortably. Not one to sit idle, Cox did what a man of his caliber would do: he started another full-time job. Cox became a full time author, and along with his stellar Western novels he has also penned a series of children’s stories titled Granddad’s Children’s Stories. In keeping with a tradition of instilling values, hope and a positive attitude, all of Cox’s children’s stories have a positive message and communicate wonderful lessons about maintaining high standards, doing what is right and overcoming challenges and adversity through personal integrity.

Early on, Cox’s publisher recognized his commercial potential and literary skills and determined that it made good sense to surround Cox with high-caliber talent. All of his books have been edited by Bill Thompson, the same editor who discovered and edited for both John Grisham and Stephen King. Next came national distribution. Starting September 1, Cox’s Western books are included in a national release which will provide the exposure and marketing efforts that an author like Cox merits. His Granddad’s Children’s Stories and additional Westerns will follow in the coming months in print, ebook and audiobook. 

A lot can be learned from a prolific author like Cox whose life lessons are so pure that you may enjoy his fast-paced, fun-to-read-books and not even realize he is also sharing valuable advice. He not only wants to entertain you, but wants to instill in you the sound principals that will enrich your life. He is not just an author; he is a humanitarian. Best of all, he genuinely cares.

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