Growing up, my mom always said that I did great impressions. I was a goofy kid. As I got into school and tried the whole sports thing, I realized I wasn’t very good at any of them, so I decided to try something else. I got enrolled in a Youtheatre class where I met Harvey Cocks, and after learning the basics from him, I wanted to know and learn more. I jumped in head first. I have been acting ever since, but this is the first time I’ve had a chance to work on the other side of things.

Now, with my first time as a director under my belt, I can say that I respect directors even more than I did before! It is so much work and effort – I’ve been working on this one for almost a year – but the end product is so worth it. I actually cried the first time the lights came up on the set.

The first time I saw the movie version of Wait Until Dark I freaked out. I knew it would be so exciting to try and capture the spooky feeling on stage. What I didn’t know was that the movie was actually a stage play first. The original stage play took place in the 1940s. It was revised and brought back to life in 1966 and had a run of 374 performances over 11 months. The lead actress, Lee Remick, was nominated for a Tony for her role just before the release of the movie starring Audrey Hepburn in the role of Susy in 1967.

I have to thank my cast for being part of this experience that I will never forget. I love this show so much!

My message to the audience is to try to take your bathroom breaks before the show or at intermission, as it will be extremely dark during the show. Sit back and enjoy this classic thriller. Be safe, and try not to get too scared.