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Three Floyds

Heather Osbun Smith

Whatzup Features Writer

Published September 26, 2013

Heads Up! This article is 9 years old.

I was really, really excited to finally visit Three Floyds. I still remember my first Three Floyds beer. When you try as many beers as I do and remember one that distinctly, you know you are onto something. My first Three Floyds beer was Gumball Head. Described as American wheat, what I recall very distinctly was the aroma of hops and grapefruit. This threw me, as most American wheats are pretty, well, bland. This was quite a number of years ago and hoppy beers were still not exactly high on my list, so I was nervous to try this very floral-smelling beer. One sip and I was hooked. It was amazing. 

Since then I’ve tried most of Three Floyds’ beers, and my palate has expanded to enjoy even the really hopped up ones like Zombie Dust. So visiting this northwest Indiana Mecca of exceptional beers was, for me, akin to a kid visiting a really awesome candy store.

Three Floyds is a smallish brewery in Munster, just under three hours northwest of Fort Wayne. I had read on their website and heard from friends that sometimes the brew pub fills up quickly, so it was recommended we get up there fairly early for dinner. 

I was really nervous when we rolled in about 7 p.m. and the parking lot was full. Located in an industrial park, the place was very unassuming, with a simple FFF sign above the door and nice landscaping. Inside the energy is palpable. People are excited to be there. The bar is dark but inviting, with lots of fun things to look at and a cozy atmosphere. We chose to sit in the dining room which was a bit more open and gave us more opportunity to look around.

I started off with the Drunk Monk, a hefeweizen. I was really surprised to see a hefe on their menu frankly and super happy about it. Hefeweizen’s are German wheat beers characterized by their high wheat content as well as the yeast, which produces a banana/clove smell and taste. Drunk Monk was expertly done, served in the traditional hefe glass.  It poured a nice cloudy, dark yellow with all the signature tastes and smells. So good. 

My next beer was the Moloko. I am a big fan of milk stouts. I love all stouts, but milk stouts have that creamy, sweeter edge that, to my palate, imperials lack. The Moloko was a dream – perfectly balanced, creamy and smooth. If you like milk stouts, this has to be one you put at the top of your must-try list.

My drinking companion is a total hop head and focused his attention on FFF’s line of classic hoppy beers. Not a single beer was a disappointment.

Since we were at the brew pub, we decided to try several items off the menu. We started with the brisket tacos and crudité. The brisket tacos were good, if a little dry. Topped with jalapeno sour cream, pickled radish and queso fresco, they were quite interesting. 

The crudité consisted of seasonal veggies, nice and crisp with an edamame hummus, and pita. I could not get over the edamame hummus and would have liked about 3 times as much on the plate. It was that good.

We wrapped up the dining portion of our evening with the loco-mojo pizza which, according to the menu, is roasted tomato sauce, cumin sausage, queso fresco, roasted peppers and cilantro. All I know is we devoured it in no time. I’m not a foodie, but everything was very fresh. (I learned later that they have an organic garden on premises.)

After eating, we got in line for carryout and grabbed some bottles and six-packs to bring home. The line really never ends. There had been people lined up before we went in, and it never let up all night. I have seen online a lot of complaints about Three Floyds being out of certain beers – primarily Zombie Dust and Gumball Head – all too frequently, and its easy to see how hard it would be to keep up with demand. Regardless, we scored some Zombie Dust and a bottle of Miloko, neither of which lasted long after I got home.

Not everyone likes all aspects of the bar, the types of movies on the TVs or the volume of the music. I found all of it to fit right in with everything Three Floyds is about. Plus, everyone on its staff was helpful, friendly and accommodating. Three Floyds is a funky, fun brewpub with an eclectic style and eccentric personalities. Anyone who truly loves beer and is there for the beer will not be disappointed.

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