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Friends throwing final sendoff for Chilly Addams

Late musician’s possessions will be sold for charity

Anthony Gadson

Associate Editor

Published March 16, 2022

More than two years after his death, the loss of Chilly Addams is still being felt throughout the local music community.

But friends are keeping his memory alive with a benefit show.

On Sunday, March 20, Addams’ personal items will be auctioned off amid live music for Chilly’s Last Dance at The Phoenix.

“It’s going to be packed,” organizer Matt McCoy said. “We’ve had a huge response.

“I imagine it will be a really fun and emotional night with some real good music.”

Taking Possession

After Addams, whose real name was Daniel Ned Carnall, died following a bout with lung cancer Dec. 13, 2019, at the age of 49, his belongings were given to McCoy.

“His mom, Carol, was around, and our plan was to sell his stuff and help his mother out, but then his mother passed away,” McCoy said. “The wish of his sisters and his main family was, they said, ‘Hey Matt, why don’t you sell that and give the money away to a charity around town that could benefit people close to him. Carol was pretty close to the Dance Collective, so that’s where all the money is going to go to.”

Due to Carol Carnall’s volunteer work at the nonprofit, all proceeds from the silent auction and the $5 cover charge will go to the Dance Collective to create a scholarship fund in her and Addams’ names.

“We were going to do it two years ago, but then COVID hit,” McCoy said. “It just never timed out. Each time we’d think about doing the auction, a spike in cases would hit. So, this time, it was just like, ‘It’s time to do it.’ ”

Rocking the Stage

Doors open at 4 p.m. with a bevy of acts slated to perform, including Phil’s Family Lizard, URB, The Humanity, and acoustic acts Clinton Kelly, Justin Bailey, and Todd Staszak, with more likely to take the stage.

McCoy says he’s had no trouble booking acts for the fundraiser since anyone who knew Addams is eager to help.

“Chilly did a lot for this community as far as music goes,” he said. “He was kind of like everyone’s best friend, he was definitely one of my best friends. I hear that from people all the time. He really touched everyone’s life, and he still is. And he’s going to do it again.”

Along with performing, Addams worked as a local DJ and hosted a weekly open mic at Latch String.

“Chilly’s influence on this town, on the music scene, is very evident,” his friend Kyle Haller said.

The love he received on the Fort Wayne music scene was shown when artists came together to record his song “Jennifer’s Song” at Loft Studio, located above The Phoenix.

This month’s show will mark the first live performance for Phil’s Family Lizard in two years. The band was formed by Addams, McCoy, Haller, and JJ Fabini in 1997, so it should be a highlight of the night.

“We did a livestreaming show during the pandemic, but last year was the first time we didn’t play a live show,” Haller said.

Tough Decision

As far as the auction goes, items are available for viewing online at

“His whole life was all about music, so everything he had was music: PA speakers, microphones, and all that kind of stuff,” McCoy said. “Lots of stuff for starting-out musicians, acoustic guitars,” including some golf clubs.

And it’s not just Addams’ possessions that will be available. Others having been donating items, too.

“A lot of the community is coming together on this,” McCoy said. “We have lots of friends giving lots of things.

“The one thing is, this is really about the music,” he added. “The only way that we as musicians, the best way we know, to express ourselves is through our music.

“It ends up being late nights. So that’s how we talk, we talk through music.”

And emotions will surely be high that night.

“Matt would probably like to keep it all, we all would,” Haller said. “It’s sentimental to us. It’s not like anyone’s in a hurry to get rid of it.”

But, according to McCoy, the time is right.

“It’s time to convert it into his wish, his family’s wish,” he said.


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