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Fantasy and artistry mix for bubbly performance

Heather Herron

Whatzup Features Writer

Published March 28, 2019

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When imagination and fantasy meet technology and artistry, an altered reality can exist. That’s exactly what happens during B-The Underwater Bubble Show, which features a magical land, sea creatures, and vibrant colors. It’s set in a fictional place called Bubblelandia, inhabited by seahorses, starfish, mermaids, clownfish, and more.

“The main character is Mr. B and it’s the story of his life,” explained Dace Pezzoli, who created the entire experience with her husband Enrico. “The show starts showing how busy he is, running here and there and answering phone calls. With all that technology we lose ourselves sometimes with too many things. Then during the show, he discovers that all the beauty that he needs and all the happy things that he needs are actually inside of him, not outside.”

The Pezzolis, who are originally from Latvia, came up with the idea eight years ago and selected six other performers from Italy, France, and England to join their show. Dace said those artists are the best at what they do and are passionate — even fanatical — about performing. They’ve done so all around the world in front of a wide range of audiences.

A stop at the Honeywell Center in Wabash is in the middle of their third American tour, which visits more than 40 theaters in three months. The show is Friday, April 5 at, 7:30 p.m. Tickets are available now for $25, $30, and $65.

For the entire family

B-The Underwater Bubble Show is unlike any other you’ll see. It’s designed with both adults and children in mind, tempting their imagination and transporting them into other space entirely.

There are no spoken words. There are just images and sounds that carry the storyline.

“We have a big variety that we’re sure that everyone will find something that he likes,” Dace said. “We get inspiration from Cirque du Soleil. We have a magician, we have a sand painter, we have acrobats, we have contortionists, we have a mime, we have a dancer. It’s interesting because our show is for many people. It’s not only an acrobatics show. It’s not only a sand painting show.”

For instance, there are also snow cannons, theatrical fog, smoke-filled soap bubble machines, optical illusions, the latest laser technologies, and other surprises. The crew travels with 15 tons of equipment to make it all come to life on the stage. But what makes it special is the performers.

“I’ve been performing with bubbles over 20 years and when we started it was the late ’90s,” Enrico added. “There were not many bubble performers. It was a lot of work because it was new and different. This show has more than just bubbles, though. We invigorate it with colors, with circus performers, and a different storyline.”

Entertaining for decades

Enrico has entertained audiences for decades and has worked hard to evolve his performances to make them strikingly unique, mesmerizing, and captivating. He and the other artists also use special effects to enthrall audiences and bring them into show.

“For example, in one moment with the laser we create an atmosphere like we are under water,” Dace said. “There are jellyfish going everywhere in the audience. Our show is very interactive. Our audience is participating all the time. In one moment, a giant whale will appear on the stage and then the waves will come up to the heads of the people. It will be like the whole audience is under the sea.”

The Pezzolis say the special effects, colors, and vivid imagery are enhanced by an original soundtrack, custom-designed costumes, and artistic makeup. It all comes together to create a spectacular display, one they hope will transform audience members and allow them to escape the busyness of life for a short time.

“We have this love for life, for art, for what we do. While we are doing this, we hope we will transmit this to our spectators,” Dace said. “We want to share this joy that we have. Before each show we have a circle and all of our team comes together and we pray. We ask God’s blessing for what we do and theaters where we perform and all the people who help us, for the spectators who come.”


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