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Things to Do in Fort Wayne and Beyond
Steve Penhollow

Steve Penhollow

Whatzup Features Writer


Hall of Fame songwriter John Hiatt brings the magic

John Hiatt is not a household name, but he should be. Pity the household that is not well-stocked with John Hiatt. But in reality, your household may be well-stocked with […]

Country-fried comedian flips YouTube fame to stand-up career

Ginger Billy is a country comedian in the rich tradition of Jerry Clower, Catfish Cooley, Junior Samples, and Larry, the Cable Guy. But he became a comedian entirely by accident. […]

Legendary Tex-Mex rock band rolls into town after time off

If you’re a band that has been on the road for almost half a century, an unplanned hiatus might have unplanned benefits. The pandemic was terrible for the live music […]

Jo Koy ready to bring joy to Embassy

Comedian Jo Koy, born Joseph Glenn Herbert in southern Washington State, was not in contention for the “Most Likely To Succeed” honorific in his high school yearbook. “I was a […]

Post-COVID, Tesla once again ready to rock stage

Tesla guitarist Frank Hannon admits that he was once an anti-masker and anti-vaxxer. Then he caught COVID-19. This was in August. The band was about to embark on a tour. […]

The blues run in Jimmie Vaughan’s family

When guitarist Jimmie Vaughan was a lad, a friend told him that if he wanted to attract girls, he needed to play football. “I didn’t like football,” Vaughan said in […]

Zombies are back! Fright Night stalks downtown again

When an event returns after having been away for a while, it is common for marketers to crow “It’s bigger and better than ever!” They’re usually fibbing. But in the […]

Blues guitar legend Buddy Guy pays it forward with Chicago club

We might not know who Buddy Guy is today if he’d made a phone call in 1958. And by “we,” I mean, “the world.” Guy had moved from Baton Rouge […]

Hobnobben film festival spreads its wings at the Embassy

The Hobnobben Film Festival migrated from Cinema Center to the Embassy Theatre last year to help make it happen at a time when public events were hampered by pandemic protocols. […]