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Lauren Nichols

Lauren Nichols

Artistic Director, all for One productions


all for One Productions' play "The Little Prince" runs Sept. 9-18.

Catch all for One’s ‘Little Prince’ at ArtsLab

Here’s a pop quiz question for you: What book has the second-highest worldwide sales in history, according to Wikipedia’s list of verified book sales?  Hint: It’s the book which is […]

Production so fun it gets second run

The goblins under the mountain are tunneling toward the castle! Princess Irene is in danger! Will her mysterious great-great-grandmother be able to help her? Or can the heroic young miner, […]

Eight actors portray 40 characters in Dickens classic

It’s November, and all for One’s custom is to offer a play which is in keeping with the approaching holiday season. This year’s selection may puzzle a few of you, […]

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

How does one explain or even begin to describe a play in which the main character is an inanimate object? The Edward Tulane of our story is a rabbit made […]

A Christmas Carol

New adaptations of A Christmas Carol seem to spring up faster than you can say, “Bah, humbug!” It is a rare theater season in our community that doesn’t find a […]


all for One’s 2018-2019 season opener is the second world premiere comedy from local playwright and actor Michael Wilhelm. (all for One presented the premiere of his comedy, Turtle Soup, […]

Ten Reasons to See This Show

One of the hallmarks of a really good story is the range of its appeal: the more people who can enjoy it, the better. With three widely-familiar, family-friendly productions playing […]

A Conversation Between Giants

Some plays are a joy to direct because they are so well-constructed, so deftly written. Some are a pleasure because of the actors involved, their talent, wit and amiability. And […]

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