Things to Do in Fort Wayne and Beyond
John DeGroff

John DeGroff

Whatzup Features Writer


Dakota Sunrise

What comes to mind when you think of the “music scene” in Fort Wayne, Indiana? The usual, seemingly obvious answer would be that it has a lot of great bands […]

Mutual Kumquat

For Jon Durnell, music as a vocation came later than it does for some. Focusing on athletics as a kid and playing baseball in college, he knew a sports career […]

Brown Bottle Band

The Brown Bottle Band, third runners-up in the whatzup Battle Of The Bands on August 19th, are pretty much perennial favorites at Columbia Street West, and from the initial crowd […]

Basement What?

Ever come across a band that surprises you? One of the great things about doing these articles is getting to hear bands and musicians I’m not familiar with. Upon first […]

The Migraines

The Migraines are one band who could almost be considered an institution in the Fort Wayne music scene. They’ve been around since 1993, and during that time have released eight […]

Friday the 13th

All right class, here’s today’s new word: paraskedidekatriphobics. Huh…? What the heck is that? A small village in Pakistan? Something you eat with a lot of sauce? A new social […]

Marshall Law

Roger Marshall, and his band The Law, are proof that persistence pays off. They have their first single, “Hiding In The Wide Open”, hitting country radio now, with the full […]

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