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Jason Hoffman

Jason Hoffman

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Lovewar released their debut album Soak Your Brain in 1993. But before it could create waves, public tastes changed from melodic hard rock to grunge, dooming Lovewar and many other […]

Girl Colors / Japanese Roses

There I was, trying to find someone on Craigslist willing to lower their standards enough to play music with me, when I clicked on a link to a local music […]

Catbox / We Need 2B Changed

Hold your noses ’cause the boys from Columbia City are back with yet another aromatic love offering. That’s right, Catbox are back with another 15 glorious examples of why their […]

Joey O. / Wish Upon a Starr

Everyone handles grief in their own way. When Joey O lost his younger Start Me Up bandmate Scott Starr last November, he decided to honor him with the kind of […]

Endgame / Almost Ready

What if you wanted a band that could play songs by Glen Miller and The Righteous Brothers? What if you also wanted to hear the music of The Doors, Journey […]

Autovator / Drive-In Revolution

The Gods are angry. Mankind has pulled the last straw. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse have arrived into the Fort and they go by the name of Autovator. Playing […]

Hannah Bushong / Sleigh Bells In the Air

Hannah Bushong may be a mere 18 years old, but it’s almost as if she was born in 1918. I don’t mean to be insulting to the young lady, but […]

Rick Brown / Yule Rock

When I was asked to review the latest Christmas album by Rick Brown, I thought I knew what I was in for. After all, I knew that Brown was the […]

The Frye Family Band / Under Indiana Lights

Do not be alarmed, gentle reader. You may see that Under Indiana Lights is a “family band” and have your head filled with images of Partridge Family buses and charming […]

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