Things to Do in Fort Wayne and Beyond
Heather Miller

Heather Miller

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Nazar Harran

Nazar Harran spreads big thoughts across big canvases. His work is bold and shouts for attention.  Once compared to Franz Klein, known for explosions of large strokes in black across […]

Sam Hoffman

With reading glasses perched at the tip of his nose and a brush spiked with just a few, well-manicured hairs in his hand, Sam Hoffman begins another hour of painting. […]

Alec Johnson

No paintbrush or chisel will be found in Alec Johnson’s studio. He works with pixels microprocessors and flat screens. During a recent show that brought life back into the space […]

Bryan Ballinger

Bryan Ballinger is a man who looks at the world through a unique lens. The artist is described by gallery director Bridget O’Riley, as an artist who has the “uncanny […]

Cathy Blyth

Look at a painting by Cathy Blyth and you’ll see fields of thick acrylic color stretching across the picture plane overlapped by slashes, smears and scrapes. followed by more color. […]

Christopher Ganz

Down a flight of wooden stairs, in the basement, hangs a curtain of Visqueen that hides the artist’s workspace. A sheet of drywall mounted to the wall serves as the […]

Frank Allen

Thick bold lines contrast with thin details while swoops and zigzags intersect with each other, creating hundreds of organic and geometric shapes that artist Frank Lewis Allen often transforms into […]

Maurice Papier

The Artlink Gallery is about to be taken by storm. Currently hanging is a retrospective show that is safe to say will bring in hundreds of people before it runs […]

Nina Bennett

Nina Bennett is an artist who has the Midas touch. Whatever she is involved in vibrates with the energy of art. Her creative mind expands far beyond her own two […]

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