Things to Do in Fort Wayne and Beyond
Gloria Diaz

Gloria Diaz

Whatzup Features Writer


Turning the Harp on Its Head

To me, the harp seems like a chick instrument. Feminine. You know, sylphs draped in green dresses, flowers in their hair, plucking away, the whole ethereal stereotype. I guess it’s […]


I’ve known Dan Dickerson for a number of years, but I can’t recall ever seeing him with an electric guitar in his hands. But that was before a few weeks […]

Blame It On Rio

Why did Blame It On Rio start? Well, you can sorta blame it on Green Day. And Jon Katt’s father. And Camelot Music. During a recent early morning interview, Katt, […]

Tri State Killing Spree

Back when I interviewed music groups on a regular basis, I’d ask them what the local scene needed. “Unity” was one common answer. Groups would say how bands don’t support […]

Always in the Fridge

What would make two band members who landed gigs in sunny Florida want to come back to Fort Wayne? The vibe, that’s what. At the end of December, things looked […]

Black Tooth Grin

On Friday, June 11, Black Tooth Grin scheduled a CD release party at Legend’s. The band was there, but the CDs weren’t. No one cared. It’s sort of accepted that […]

Blue Streak

Quick! Which of these statements is true? A. Blue Streak is a happy blues band. B. The combined ages of group members are approximately 160. C. Tim Cantrell is drumming […]

Einstein Savage

Musicians cursed with composer’s block might do well to emulate Einstein Savage’s formula for creation. Shoveling goat excrement has fueled the fire for one of the most creative CDs that […]

The Humanity

Talking to the Humanity, you get the idea that they’re content with where they are as well as who they are. They’re producing their own CD, and Jim Teel, keyboardist […]

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