Things to Do in Fort Wayne and Beyond
Evan Gillespie

Evan Gillespie

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East of Where You’ve Been

Considering that the songs on Brian Lemert’s East of Where You’ve Been are full of nostalgia, regret, relationships gone wrong, and yearning for things and people gone away, the album […]

Outlaw country stalwart always stays true to himself

Sifting through David Allan Coe’s biography, it’s not easy to sort out what’s true and what isn’t. Coe has been such a polarizing figure throughout his decades-long career, he’s inspired […]

Flinging Woo: An Unfinished Autobiography

James Ellsworth’s new album is an eclectic confection, an ambitious project that combines traditional arrangements with a whimsical sense of humor and fantastical flourishes plus a range of influences that […]

It’s summer forever for Currington

Even before his professional music career really took off, Billy Currington was always one to make the most of summer. When he was new in Nashville and working a day […]

Summertime in downtown means live local bands

Remember those days back in January when wind chills were 40 below and the only thing you could do was huddle inside covered in all the blankets you owned? Well, […]

Maybe we’re amazed, but Sir Paul’s in town

When the Memorial Coliseum announced Paul McCartney’s Fort Wayne concert date last September, the announcement was teased as a “historic” event for the city. Ordinarily, you might suspect that the […]

Heavy music and dark lyrics undergird positive message

It can’t be easy to be, simultaneously, one of the most understood and misunderstood bands on the planet. Yet, Hatebreed has pulled it off for 25 years, amassing a huge, […]

Still country, still a stellar songwriter

Alan Jackson has had no problem settling into the role of country music’s mentor-in-chief. Nearly 30 years after the release of his debut album, he’s as true to the spirit […]

Every month, networking and jamming for musicians

Paul Kobylensky admits that he had himself in mind when he got the idea for Monthly Muso Nights at The Ruin. Sure, he wanted to give local musicians a chance […]

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