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Colin McCallister

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Black Midi

What should rock music sound like in 2019? Its status as a cultural vanguard in music has taken a backseat to other popular genres, but if mainstream rock is going […]

Three Cities

Fort Wayne, Marion and Lafayette. These are the three cities that comprise Three Cities, a quartet of musicians and friends from different parts of Indiana who name Led Zeppelin, Queen, […]

Zephaniah / Reforged

The metallurgist forging the sword on the cover to Zephaniah’s second album, Reforged, alludes to the brute force waiting to be unleashed from within the confines of a compact disc. […]

Old and Dirty

If Old and Dirty were any less dedicated, they probably would have called it quits when the once five-piece band devolved to a duo less than a year ago.  Perhaps […]

Indiana Jones & the Rio Piedras / Bury Me at Boneville

And here I thought cassettes were a dead medium, but that’s what vocalist/guitarist/ukulele player Keith Owen handed to me as the review copy of Bury Me at Boneville. Owen, along […]

James and the Drifters / All That Gold

To clarify, there is no one named James in James and the Drifters. It’s this group of five guys named Kyle, Brent, Andy, Andrew and Dan, all from Fort Wayne, […]

Classic Automatic

Those who have seen Classic Automatic perform live would probably be surprised to learn that they came from quiet and humble folk origins. The band members themselves know they’ve come […]

Flamingo Nosebleed / Blood on the Basement Floor

Before I delved into the confrontational world of avant garde music via Captain Beefheart, John Zorn and Nurse with Wound, I would have told you that hardcore punk was the […]

Left Lane Cruiser / Rock Them Back to Hell!

I had never listened to Left Lane Cruiser before reviewing this album. I certainly was aware beforehand that they have a devoted cult following in their hometown of Fort Wayne […]

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