Things to Do in Fort Wayne and Beyond
Benjamin Dehr

Benjamin Dehr

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Local artist lets abstract work speak for itself

Artwork titles often define abstraction. You can usually find a melodramatic name like “A Moonlit Blemish” or “Inner Decay” on a little white card below a mess of colors smeared […]

Getting a late start in art doesn’t deter local painter

Most artists can pinpoint their beginnings somewhere in elementary school. Maybe they were given their first set of paints as a birthday present, or the once-a-week art classes sparked something […]

Feel-good music with feel-good community

Creating a sense of family and community isn’t an easy thing to do among just four people. But when you make a point to keep traditions alive and begin new […]

Local band’s sound is all over the atlas

Tuesday Atlas’ album cover for their EP Hell Has a Sound could easily be construed as using a metal band’s imagery. But the band actually dabble more in the post-rock […]

Metalcore to the core

“Loud like a locomotive but smooth like water.” This is how Marion-based metalcore band Controvert describe their sound according to vocalist Chris Isaacs. With influences from a decade or more […]

Larger than life

Downtown Fort Wayne and its surrounding areas have latched onto a new trend: large, colorful murals on the facades of buildings usually frequented by plenty of foot traffic. There are […]

Crafting an intricate style all his own

Like many artists, Jeremy Stroup finds it hard to define himself as one, or even process what exactly that means. With one look at any of his creations, however, you […]

Dealing with anger is their catharsis

“Nightmares. Not enough sleep. Ghosts. Really loud amps. Guitar pedals. Graveyards. Our loved ones. Sickness. Paranoia. Understanding that time isn’t real but that we’re running out of it. Concrete. Laughing […]

Progressive rock? Metal? Eclectic true genre of band

When a band describes their songs as “no two songs sound the same,” you almost have to roll your eyes. But with a group like Dormant, an intricate local rock […]

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